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Do you encrypt the data that is going through the VPN connection?

Yes, PrivateTunnel encrypts your data transmissions with the 128-bit AES-GCM encryption standard. We chose this encryption standard since it is relatively fast, yet it provides strong security for the data it is encrypted with. This ensures that your VPN connection is fast and secure from malicious attacks on the Internet. While our competitors may be touting "higher number of bits" to attempt to persuade potential users that their VPN is more secure, this will most likely not be the case since encryption nowadays are frequently broken by finding weaknesses in the way encrypted data is processed and not by attacking the encryption algorithm itself. Moreover, the higher number of bits will translate to more processing power used for encrypting / decrypting your data transmissions, causing delays and slow downs while you are using your VPN connection.

Please note: You must be using a modern PrivateTunnel or OpenVPN client in order to use the stronger GCM based cipher. If you are using a legacy (compatible) client, then the only supported cipher will be limited to the BF-CBC cipher.

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  • 11-Feb-2017