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What mobile platforms does PrivateTunnel currently support?

PrivateTunnel currently supports the iOS 6.1+ and Android 4.0+ mobile operating systems.
Most Android devices running the 4.0+ operating system are supported, however, the following devices are not supported due to their limited support for the OpenVPN driver:

  •          USB TV sticks
  •          Set-top TV boxes
  •          Specialty tablets

Depending on the manufacturer of these devices, the connection may or may not succeed, and you may experience connectivity issues upon a successful connection. These are known issues for using a VPN connection over such devices, and unfortunately, this cannot be fixed unless the manufacturer provides an update to the device firmware. Some third-party firmware updates may be available for your device that enables such support, however, PrivateTunnel does not endorse the use of such firmware unless you have experience in applying such updates and understand the consequences of a bad device update.

Other device platforms, such as Windows PhoneBlackberry, and Symbian are not currently supported by PrivateTunnel. These devices do not have a connection framework for the OpenVPN protocol, and hence cannot be used by PrivateTunnel to connect to our service. Until a connection framework is available for these platforms, please use a supported platform to connect to our service. Do note that PrivateTunnel is a OpenVPN protocol service only. Connection via other connection protocols, such as PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, or SSTP will not lead to a successful connection.

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  • 11-Feb-2017