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Is PrivateTunnel a free service?

Private Tunnel offers a no questions asked 7-day trial on its subscription plan. To qualify for a 7-day trial, you must not have started a trial account under the same payment method, regardless of the account email address being used.
Furthermore, a valid payment method must be on file in order to start the trial and reduce abuse. An authorization charge will then be made on the card to validate the payment method (the authorization automatically gets dropped after 24-48 hours, depending on your bank policies).
If the bank declines this authorization, your trial period will be revoked due to an illegible payment method. We suggest that you refrain from using virtual, reloadable, or prepaid debit/credit cards since many of these cards do not allow recurring subscription charges to be made and may lead to immediate subscription cancellation.
If your account is not eligible for a trial period, your billing will start immediately on the date of purchase.
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  • 14-Apr-2019