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How do I get started on PrivateTunnel?

Welcome to Private Tunnel!

Here are the steps to using Private Tunnel for the first time:

  • You will receive an activation email in the email account you used to sign up. Click on the activation link in that email.
  • You will be taken to your account portal.
  • At the top of the account portal you will see a Download button. After clicking that button, click on the icon appropriate for your platform and the download will begin.
  • Download the file (.msi for Windows, .dmg for Mac) and then run the downloaded file to install Private Tunnel.
  • After installation, the application will open the Connect screen. Provide your username and password, and select the region to which you wish to tunnel. Click Connect.
  • Congratulations! At this point you are now connected to the Internet through Private Tunnel, and your browsing and other network traffic is now encrypted, hidden and protected.
  • When you wish to stop using Private Tunnel, right click on the Private Tunnel icon in your system tray (bottom right of the screen on Windows, top of the screen on Mac). A menu will pop up, choose Disconnect.
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  • 11-Feb-2017