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How can I change the email address that's on my account?

Since your account information is linked directly to your email address, you cannot change the email address directly on your account without impacting the functionality of your account.

In order to correct the email address that is on your account, you have two options:

1. Exhaust the remaining balance on your account. Once the allocation is finished, sign up for a new account using the desired email address. There will be no impact to your service regardless of your ability to access your old email address. That being said, we would not be able to reset your account password if you forget your password unless you can provide a copy of your purchase receipt.

2. Receive a prorated credit on your old subscription when you sign up for a new subscription under your new email address. To be eligible for this option, you will need to have an active subscription plan. To request a credit, please do the following:

a. Sign up for a subscription plan using your new email address on our website (iOS subscriptions are not eligible for the prorated credits).

b. Contact us at with your old account email address, last payment date and amount (and transaction ID if you have this information).

c. Once we received this information, your old account will be canceled and a prorated credit will be issued to your new account. Once your new trial expires, you will be billed for the difference for your newly selected subscription.

Please ensure that you provide this information in a timely manner, otherwise, the system will bill you for the full cost of the new subscription. The prorated credits, in this case, will apply on the next billing date for your new subscription.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

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  • 06-Nov-2017