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What kind of support options do you offer for PrivateTunnel?

Because of PrivateTunnel's unique pricing structure relative to other VPN providers, we have to manage our operating costs well in order to provide our customers with excellent service.
For this reason, we only provide support via email at Phone support is not available at this time. Email tickets are answered on a first-come, first-serve basis and during business hours of Monday - Friday 09:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time (United States).

Some support may be offered outside our standard business hours, however, a response time of 24 - 48 business hours should generally be expected, even though our typical response time is much shorter than this. Please refrain from submitting duplicate requests as doing so would only delay our response to you.

To expedite the support process, you are encouraged to include as many details as you can regarding the problem you are having, so our support staff can diagnose your issue properly on your initial contact. Information such as the following may be helpful depending on the issue you are experiencing:

  • A brief description of your issue
  • Is the issue reproducible and repeatable, if so, what are the steps?
  • How long have you been experiencing the issue, and did it recently happen?
    • Is there anything you have done recently prior to this happening? If something comes to mind, you may want to list them in your email.
  • The country you are trying to connect from
  • The type of connection you are using (e.g. Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Dial-up, DSL, Cable, Fiber, etc)
  • The Internet service provider (ISP) you are using
  • The region you are trying to connect to
    • If the connection is successful, the VPN IP address you are assigned with
    • If the connection is unsuccessful, any screenshots of the errors and/or connection logs you obtain from your client
  • The software client you are using to connect, the version number, and the operating system you are using with the client
    • Whether an uninstall and reinstall of the client helped with your issue, including reverting to an older version that has worked for you
  • The service you are trying to use or connect to
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