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My service provider is saying that someone is hacking my account upon using PrivateTunnel. What's going on?

If this is your first time using PrivateTunnel, or you haven't been using our service in a long time, you may get warning or error messages warning that your account(s) might have been accessed without your permission or unauthorized access may have occurred.

Please rest assured that PrivateTunnel nor its employees are not accessing your accounts, nor anyone else is looking at what you are doing and/or collecting your credentials. The reason why you are getting these messages is because the use of a VPN service has triggered a flag in your account.

Most service providers keep track of where you are connecting from to deter fraud. This makes sense in generally most cases because if you are connecting from Australia and suddenly access was detected on your account from South Africa an hour later, the system will deem the activity suspicious and may lock or restrict your account to prevent unauthorized activity, considering that it is not yet possible to travel between these countries in that short amount of time. Some countries are likely to trigger these flags more frequently, depending on the algorithms being used and how the system is programmed. This is similar to how credit card companies deter stolen credit cards from being used, and by requiring a travel report to be submitted prior to travel to prevent the card from being blocked internationally.

By using our service, your computer automatically assumes the identity of the hosting server. For example, by connecting to our San Jose, California region, your computer will appear as it is coming from the San Jose region during the duration while you are connected to our service. For the same reasons described above, you are likely to get a warning or error message if:

  • The region you are connecting to is geographically distant from the region you are connecting from.
  • You have recently used the service on your computer without the VPN service, hence giving your service provider an impression that your account was accessed "elsewhere" in a short period of time.
  • You have not accessed the service from the region previously.
  • You switched regions in your PrivateTunnel settings.
  • You have not used PrivateTunnel in a while and returned back to using it again.

Depending on the service you are using, it is likely that your service will learn these behaviors and stop warning you about this access, especially if you do not change regions frequently in your PrivateTunnel interface. If you want to verify whether an IP address belongs to PrivateTunnel, simply put the IP address in your browser and press Enter. If the IP address is from PrivateTunnel, you will receive a message similar to:


This confirms that the warning message was indeed triggered by your use of PrivateTunnel. If you are concerned about these messages, please email us at or contact your service provider for more details. Please note that since this is an expected behavior of using the VPN, we cannot stop your provider from displaying these messages, such inquiries should instead be directed to your provider for assistance.

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  • 11-Feb-2017