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Can I connect to PrivateTunnel from anywhere in the world?

PrivateTunnel is available anywhere in the world, given that you have an available connection to the Internet. However, under some circumstances, you may not be able to connect to our service. Here’s a list of reasons why our service may not be available:

  • Internet access not available – You may not be connected to the Internet, or the network you are accessing does not have Internet access.
  • Restricted Internet access available – You may be connected to a network where only partial Internet access is allowed. Your workplace may restrict the availability of certain services, or require that a corporate proxy server be used. Certain public places, such as libraries, may only allow access to content specified within their acceptable use policies.
  • Unreliable connection – Depending on the provider used, some providers may not have provide a reliable connection to our servers that could lead to connection drops, slow speeds, or the inability to connect. Many satellite and mobile (3G/4G) Internet providers fall into this category. If you are using such connection, a workaround may be needed for you to connect to our service (although the performance may be severely degraded when such providers are used.)
  • Unauthenticated public hotspots – Many public hotspots require authentication before Internet access is established. In these areas, you will need to open your browser and navigate to any webpage to accept the terms and conditions / enter your login credentials before PrivateTunnel can be used. After this is done, your PrivateTunnel connection should work normally.
  • Firewall settings – Some security software installed on your computer could block or interfere with the VPN connection that PrivateTunnel attempts to make while connecting you to our service. If you are experiencing issues, please review the security configuration to make sure access is permitted to the software client making the connection.
  •  Country based censorship – Some countries impose access restrictions to VPN services due to the censorship rules in place in the region. If you are traveling to these countries, our service is not likely to work until you return to your home country. Such countries include:

o    China

o    Saudi Arabia

o    United Arab Emirates (UAE)

o    Oman

o    Iran

o    Turkmenistan

  • Service unavailability – PrivateTunnel currently does not offer service within the following countries. We advise that you seek alternative solutions prior to traveling to these countries:

o    Nigeria

o    Ghana

o    Côte d'Ivoire

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our service availability, please do not hesitate to send your support team an email at

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