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How do I use the Windows community client to connect to PrivateTunnel?

To connect to PrivateTunnel using the Windows community client, please make sure you have the latest version of the client installed on your computer.

The latest version can be downloaded from this URL:

After the Windows community client is installed, please follow the instructions in this article to retrieve your connection profile by clicking on Settings in the web portal at - Download User Profile.

Next, open the C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config folder on your computer, and then drag the connection profile you have downloaded previously into that folder.

If you are using Windows Vista or later, you may see the following dialog prompting you for administrator permissions. Click Continue to proceed.

VERY IMPORTANT for Windows Vista or later users: If support has requested that you modify your connection profile using a text editor such as Notepad++ or Wordpad, the profile must be modified outside of the config directory. After moving the profile inside the config directory, the configuration will no longer be modifiable. To modify it in the future, you will need to drag it out of the config directory, modify it, and then move it back into the config directory. Alternatively, you can select to launch your text editor with administrative rights by right-clicking on the text editor, and selecting Run as administrator. The text editor will then be able to modify the configurations inside the config directory directly for the time you have the text editor open.

After moving the configuration to the config directory, you can double-click the OpenVPN GUI shortcut to open the client application.

After right-clicking the tray icon, the Connect option should appear. You can repeat the region download procedures for the other regions and they should also show up in this menu once the profile has been moved over to the config folder.

If you are experiencing issues with the connection, select the View Log option and then save the file to your desktop.
Afterward, email the attachment to and we will be more than happy to look over the log file for you.

If you are receiving an error popup similar to the one above, it indicates that the profile download process has failed. In that case, you may want to retry downloading the profile using a different browser or computer or try again later. If you are continuing to have issues, please ensure that your account has adequate bandwidth to connect to the VPN service or submit an email to and we will look at the issue more closely.

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